STEP 1 session #1

During this session I meet with you either by phone or video call.

I figure out your future financial goals are. A non refundable deposit of $30 is due after the session for me to start working.


STEP 2 Send Info


This is where I send you 2 forms which are the  itemized expense & debt form as well as a confidentiality form. After completing both forms, you send them right back to me via google docs as well as your credit report. (optional)


STEP 3 Work on Info


This is where I work on organizing information.

See ‘Services Includes’ below for details. Turnaround time is between 2-4 business days after you send me the 2 forms needed.


STEP 4 session #2


Before this session I contact you when your info is complete. After you schedule this session,  I deliver your results & we go over everything in detail.

See ‘Service Includes’ listed below. Final payment of $20 is due before session 2.



-Separating your expenses from debt – Prioritizing your debt & payoff date(s)
-Setting up & planning Budget & savings -Resources on investing-
-Planning your debt loss celebration party (optional) & social media-
-Monthly check ins & progress report-



If you cancel after session 1, the $30 deposit fee is non refundable. If for whatever reason you are completely dissatisfied after session 2 you have 2 business days to receive a $20 refund. This doesn’t include any fees associated with wiring funds back. My fee is based off time it takes me to work on the information listed above. This includes working on your info and session 2. If for any reason you feel there is a short coming, I will gladly adjust or fix anything you see fit listed in the services I provide above.


I AM a debt loss coach. My objective is to get you to start PAYING off debt so you can achieve financial freedom so you then can start SAVING & INVESTING to your liking.

I AM NOT a financial advisor. A financial advisor tells your money how to behave. I coach my clients how to behave with their money. 

I AM your accountability partner. After our first two sessions, I check in on my clients monthly to see where they are in their debt loss journey. I keep track of it, and we POST IT, CELEBRATE IT & keep ACHIEVING IT! 

I AM NOT apart of or a credit repair agency. A credit repair agency focuses on your credit and credit score ONLY. My service comes from a well rounded approach. With my service, I give resources on getting rid of the need for a credit score and start saving. I also focus on removing illegitimate items from your credit report that are fairly new to avoid garnishments and court hearings; and I expose you to resources on investing for your future.

I DO NOT handle or deal with your money. I give you the tools & coach you on creating good habits on paying off debt early and saving. My job is to set you up for financial freedom & success!


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Session #1

 Session #2